CRNA Financial History and Launch

CRNA Financial Launched

CRNA Financial: Nursing the Anesthetist Niche

New division at Rosselot Financial caters to the most highly compensated in the nursing profession, the Certified Registered Nursing Anesthetist (CRNA)

CRNAs earn 3x more than the typical American household.
(AANA, U.S. Census Bureau)

Their financial needs, like their highly specialized profession, are unique.

New division at Rosselot Financial, CRNA Financial, projects 20% revenue increase.


[CINCINNATI, Ohio ~ Feb. 2012] Rishae Wood and Jeff Smith, former nurses, know well the rigors of an overworked, underpaid, highly stressful profession. They’re still in one. They just make three times what they used to.

Wood and Smith now work in a highly specialized, well-educated (and compensated) profession known as the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). It’s one of the premier jobs in nursing, in the forever-expanding health care economy.

The financial needs of this elite group, with an annual salary estimated at $150,000 in 2011, are, not surprisingly, as specialized and complex as their calling.

Enter CRNA Financial, A Division of The Rosselot Financial Group.

CRNA Financial launched by Rosselot Financial Group

After 14 years of experience serving CRNAs such as Smith of Western Hills, and Woods from Mt. Washington – and another 30 or so from around the country - Rosselot Financial Group formally introduced CRNA Financial in early 2011. It’s the first homegrown division at the Anderson Township-based company since Rosselot Financial Group, a financial services firm whose representatives are registered with INVEST Financial Corp., opened its doors in 1986. CRNA Financial is expected to boost annual revenues at the Rosselot Financial Group by 20 percent over the next several years.

For Woods and Smith, where once there were so many questions, CRNA Financial helps to provide answers.

“Investments I made put my kids through college. Those investments paid for my daughter’s wedding. They put my wife and I in a place where we can be comfortable,” Smith said.

“We are highly educated in our area of expertise. The unfortunate thing, however – and this is the same thing with doctors, and many other professions - is no one really told us how to financially take care of ourselves, what should we do with the money,” said Smith. “Our employers won’t tell us. No one really wants to advise us, because they think they’ll be held liable or they just don’t know themselves.”

Smith is a native Cincinnatian in his 50s who lives in Green Township. Most of his work is performed at Good Samaritan Hospital, but he also contracts for services at outpatient centers.

Wood, also a local product, grew up in Milford and now lives in Mount Washington. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in nursing in 2009, and now works out of Mercy Anderson Hospital.

"Getting assistance with my finances and money management has really helped me, where I have no knowledge of how things work,” said Wood. “Having a solid financial plan makes me feel confident in my job, and in my future.”

“After we started working with Jeff, he referred us to many of his colleagues and co-workers, and we started to see some common needs. There were a lot of similarities there, which we understood,” said Nathan Kosman, president of CRNA Financial and Rosselot Financial.

“We’re starting out CRNA Financial by concentrating on the Cincinnati market, where Rosselot Financial has already established its name and reputation, but a national expansion of this platform is entirely possible,” said Ron Rosselot, the company founder, chairman and CEO.

CRNA offers specific area of financial expertise to help CRNAs develop strategies that:

Protect a six-figure income three times bigger than the average U.S. household income;

Provide the ability to make better decisions regarding what is often a burdensome amount of student loan debt.

Manage financial obligations of forgivable notes granted by the CRNA’s employer;

Create a long-term financial plan.


“Our job is to help our clients make good financial decisions and plan for the long-term,” Kosman said. “In many cases they’re going from being paycheck to paycheck to someone who has income to protect, invest and retain.”


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